Nationality: AT

My name is Kajetan Kainz. I am 16 years old and I come from the fishing village of Liefering in Salzburg, Austria. My grandfather has taken me fishing my whole life. When I was 14, I found my father's old fly rod in the basement and made my first attempts in the pool with his rod with my friend Tobias.

I prefer to fish for grayling and trout with my self-tied dry flies.

Instagram: kainz.flyfishing



Nationality: AT

My name is Tobias Hitsch, I am 17 years old and my hometown is Salzburg in Austria.

Since I can imagine, fishing is one of the most important things in my live.

My dad took me on some fishing trips, when I was a small kid. I came to fly fishing with my fishing buddy Kajetan. Since then I am mostly fishing with singlehanded- or switch rods for our native species, but I am also very interested in fishing in other countries.

Most of the time I fish with my self-tied nymphs for trout’s and graylings.

Instagram: th_flyfishing