Nationality: CZ

Martin has been fishing with the fly since he was 10 years old.

He loves all techniques of fly fishing, especially saltwater fishing. His favorite fish species are:

steelheads, bonefish, yellowtail, kingfish and our local fish, such as brown trout and grayling.



Nationality: CZ

For Jan, fly fishing and fly tying is a passion and attitude to life at the same time.

He spends almost every free second at the water or at the binding dock and thus has an extremely large know-how.

In addition to all freshwater fish, saltwater fish are among his favorite fish.





Nationality: CH

My name is Marc Schweizer. I am 33 years old and I live in the Swiss Alps.

I have been fishing ever since I can remember, however the past 10 years I have been pretty exclusively

fly fishing with a single handed rod. In my holidays I have fished in diverse fishing destinations and caught

a variety of fish. My favorite fish are trouts and graylings.

I have been tying my own flies since the beginning and have developed a few patterns for my personal use. 

The excitement of developing new patterns and the creative use of different materials has inspired

me from the start.

Instagram: tie_the_fly



Hello my name is Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier, I come from Bavaria and I am 35 years old.

I go fishing my whole live, and over 20 years now flyfishing is a part of it.

Best thing for me is sightfishing with Dry or Nymph. The moment when a big trout suck in my fly is the best moment for me.

Flytying is a part from flyfishing to me, I am always happy to catch fish on my own tied flies.

If you like to see some of my tying, please watch at my Facebook page or at Instagram @chris_k_flytying



Nationality: AT

Andi, our "Mr. FlyTV" has been fishing for a variety of fishing techniques for over 20 years, but fly fishing

has finally conquered his heart. He prefers to fish with the "dry one" for grayling in the crystal-clear Ybbs in Opponitz.

Instagram: andreasblamauer_flyfishing



Nationality: IT

(Vision-Italy)Gabriele “Cap” Zingaro live in Rome. He is angler since 1989. He is fly fishing addict and made this job with his passion. Usually he go fishing for trout and some predators (bass, pike) but he love try catching each species on the fly. He is also a fly tyer and 2018 he won the"Slovenian Fly Tying Championship" in two different categories (dry fly – streamer). He collaborate with fishing TV and Magazine. He is also a Youtuber and blogger explaning how to make simple fly fishing for everybody.

Instagram: gabriele_cap_zingaro

Nationality: CH

My name is Schmid Alain. I am at home in the beautiful Alpine canton of Graubünden, which is located in Switzerland. Flyfishing has been one of my great passions for 20 years and I prefer to fish all types of salmonids.
I love to fish with the dry fly, but modern nymph fishing in rivers is also one of my favorites. The lake fishing for trout with different techniques, I have come to appreciate more and more in the last years and it is a great change.
The use of self-tied and sometimes self-created flies is a must for me when fly fishing and I love to spend hours at my fly tying table.

Instagram: alainschmid_flyfishing



Nationality: IT (Vision-Italy)

Born in Viareggio in 1976. Happily married with Sabrina, living in the Italian province of Milano, working at Sky Group, the European largest pay-TV broadcaster. He dedicates his free time to the following fly-fishing activities: GAIA Double Handed Instructor, he was the first Italian appointed instructor in Game Angling Instructors Association, a professional international association with over 400 instructors between Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Italy. Single hand instructor and double hand Master of S.N.L UNPeM, the national fly casting school founded by Mario Riccardi. Past President of the famous club “Lodi Fly Fishermen”, the very first fly club of the Lodi territory, which started back in 1984 to form and train hundreds of well-known fly fishermen. Board Member of U.N.Pe.M., “The National association of fly fishermen”, an Italian institution that groups over 50 clubs and association of fly fishermen. This mainly focuses on the promotion of a water management system, which is aimed at improving river ecosystems to protect rivers and promote fly fishing. This implies the involvement of Italian Minist r ies, nat ional Inst i tut ions and local administrations. Member of the Adda Sud Committee, an organisation born to to protect and improve of the rivers’ environment, with specific reference to the Adda one. International Relationship Coordinator of the web Magazine “”, well-known at national & European level (project currently on hold). At present writing a book (nearly completed) for the Italian market on Spey casting style. He is also author of articles on web and paper magazines both national and international.



Nationality: BiH

Simplicity and living in harmony with nature are the qualities from Dragan. Dragan has been fishing for over 25 years and as an experienced competitor and a former member of the National Fly Fishing Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this shows that he is a top fisherman. His special Bosnian flies and simple Fly Fishing technique are recognizable and very successful on many rivers in Europe. He likes to teach young anglers as well as advanced ones various of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying techniques. Graylings and trouts are his favorite fish.