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Our new full-scale rod series Onki (rod&line in Finnish) consists of 11 carefully created medium-fast rod models to cover most of the situations anglers face when fishing for normal freshwater species on creeks, rivers and on various stillwater/reservoir destinations. Based on our long history with true classics like the 3Zone and the Nite/Nite Catapult, these four piece Korean made high quality rods have green olive blanks with graphite grey screen markings. The quality of high-modulus Korean graphite (40 tn) is something you normally find only in more expensive rods and it enabled us to create a very light and sensitive rod. The rest of the components are of great quality as well. For example the handles have narrow rubber/cork reinforcements to make them more durable. With these rods your money is truly well spent.

- Medium fast action
- Light and sensitive
- Four piece rods
- High-modulus Korean graphite (40 tn)
- Green olive blanks with graphite grey markings

VON4763     7`6         #3          4      66g
VON4804     8`           #4          4      73g
VON4904     9`           #4          4      78g
VON4905     9`           #5          4      79g
VON4906     9`           #6          4      80g
VON4907     9`           #7          4     106g
VON4966     9`6         #6          4     103g
VON4967     9`7         #7          4     111g
VON4103   10`3         #3          4       79g
VON4104   10`4         #4          4       85g
VON4105   10`5         #5          4       84g NEU
VON4106   10`6         #6          4     123g
VON4107   10`7         #7          4     125g