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Venus rods are powerful rods for real saltwater fishing. No matter if you are targeting fast and sneaky bonefish on a shallow turtle grass flat or huge tarpon on an urban pier, you can find suitable tool among these rods. Medium fast/fast, full flex action is suitable for all fishing styles and conditions making it easy to deliver long and accurate casts. As a four piece rods they are easy to pack when you?re heading for a distant destination. These rods are built using the highest quality Pacific bay guides and triple anodized aluminium reelseats to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions.

Venus SW rods have high quality full wells. All Venus rods are 9 feet long. The SW versions are available from #6 to #12 and the SWS ( rods with ergonomic D - shape? handles) cover line weights from #8 to #12. In weights #8 and #10 SWS rod is also available in white color.

SWS version has a unique, ergonomic D - shape? handle which fits your hand like a glove, reducing your need to grip your rod hard. In practice it means that your hand doesn't get tired so easily and that means better concentration on fishing and? more fish! D - shape? handle is made from durable cork mixture and EVA foam. It doesn't get slippery, not even when you have applied loads of sun screen on your tropics trip.

All Venus SWS rods are 9 feet long. SWS cover line weights from #8 to #12. In weights #8 and #10 Venus SWS rods are also available in white color.

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